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A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization helping communities and individuals re-home and promote older, special needs and at-risk animals.

Heavenly Buddies

is a support charity for special shelter and privately owned pets, and the people who want to help them. We are not a shelter or rescue facility. We are a re-homing and promotional charity that encourages and supports the average citizen to visit their local shelter and publish an older, special needs or at-risk pet in their local paper. 
Please read on and see how you can help these wonderful, open hearts.

Heavenly Buddies is pleased to announce that Kamaka has found her FOREVER Home!  Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement!

*Please remember that there are many breed specific shelters.  Most do not require a full breed, but breed mixes...if space allows.  Do a search for the breed you love such as:  Doberman Rescue, or Pit Bull Shelters, or Dachshund Sanctuary and many will pop up*





In Loving Memory

charlie and her angels


On March 21, 2014, Charlene (Charlie) January, a very well recognized Lake Havasu City resident and personality, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with her precious Angle Hoa who passed before her. She is survived by Noni, Akahai, Kaloha, and Kamaka.


Charlie loved Hawaii and created an island paradise for her Angels in her beloved Lake Havasu City home. Her home was their oasis.


She was a large supporter of "Pooch Party in the Park". Charlie and her Angles always drew lots of attention from everyone in attendance in their large stroller and fabulous hand-made costumes. Charlie loved to share her little angels, attracting crowds and many smiles from adults and children alike.


As a result of her thoughtful pre-planning, Charlie arranged with Heavenly Buddies for the re-homing of her Angels. Heavenly Buddies is pleased to report that all of Charlie's Angels have been successfully placed in very loving homes. And the best news is that one of the Angels is now a Service Dog In Training!


As a way of giving back to Charlie for her strong support of Pooch Party in the Park, the cost of wellness visits, updated vaccines and micro-chipping for her little angels, has been donated by Pooch Party in the Park.


Thank you Charlie for sharing the joy and pageantry of your little ones with us all, and thank you for trusting Heavenly Buddies to re-home those sparkling hearts.


You were one of a kind and will be dearly missed by many!


Aloha `oe -Farewell to you!





Wait for it...  Wait for it...


RIVER has found her forever home!


river ciofalo

She is living with a great couple who love her to pieces and of course she loves them back. They keep her busy and take her everywhere with them. So happy for beautiful RIVER and her new family!





 Please adopt, and if you can't, please donate to Heavenly Buddies.  Use the PayPal button at the top of the page.  We need your help to help our four footed Angels.




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